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Increase Employee Engagement & Productivity
Reduce Time & Cost per Hire
What is Aptology?

Aptology is a powerful behavioral analytics platform that brings data-driven decision making to every stage of the employee lifecycle. From pre-employment testing to succession planning, we help you hire the right talent, hit revenue targets and build a winning company culture. Use our 20 years of scientific data to identify, retain and grow the right people for every job.

Aptology Behavioral Management System

Your company’s success relies on getting the right people on the bus. With Aptology, we enable your company to identify who your top employees are, what behavioral traits make them successful, and find new hires that can predictably achieve great results.

One Platform to Grow your Workforce & Make Better Hiring Decisions.

“Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus and the right people in the right seats” -Jim Collins
Identifying, hiring and retaining the right employees is imperative to every company’s long-term success.

However, most employment decisions are based on poor indicators of job and cultural fit such as gut instinct and resumes. These surface level data points fail to capture critical behavioral insights that are highly accurate at predicting candidate success.

89% of Failed Hires are Due to Poor Behavioral Fit.


The Hiring Problem


Define Success and Culture

Custom Success Profiles

Success profiles scientifically capture your company culture and top performers’ behavioral traits to provide clear, customized profiles of your perfect candidate.

Find the best Talent for your Company

Pre-Employment Screening

Reduce time to hire while also removing biases from the hiring process by letting our technology identify the best and most qualified talent based on your behavioral match.



Think, Motivate, & Engage

Employee Coaching & Analytics

Increase employee tenure by providing your team with personalized data and insights they need to improve themselves and thrive at your company.


Increase employee engagement and productivity by giving your managers employee behavioral insights and a guided framework to more effectively communicate, motivate and engage each member of their team.

Promote from Within

Succession Planning Insights

Track and identify which employees have the right behavioral attributes and strongest potential to become a leader at your company.



Avoid the Complacency Trap

Continuous Improvement

As more data is fed into Aptology our models and your custom success profiles automatically evolve to get better at predicting the cultural and behavioral traits that make your company successful.

For Sales Managers

89% of Sales hires fail due to poor behavioral fit.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Clients