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At Aptology, we know that 89% of hires fail due to poor behavioral fit. We apply our 20 years of scientifically proven behavioral data to your sales hiring process and help you to identify not just excellent sales talent, but the best candidates for your unique company, culture, industry, and role.

Longitudinal Data

Don't know what traits are predictive of success? No problem. Aptology lets you leverage best practices by harnessing longitudinal data collected over 30 years on traits across 100+ roles. This data serves as the basis for developing your own highly predictive models to use for recruitment and development.

Aptology's streamlined intake methodology allows you to efficiently capture a person's traits and feed them into machine learning algorithms to predict the person's likelihood of success in a variety of roles.



As actual employee performance is assessed over time, your predictive models continuously learn and improve.  The result is proprietary analytics unique to your particular business that give you an edge.

How  It Works

We at Aptology use 4 steps to help you hire the best sales representatives to ensure you reach your quotas and reduce your turnover


Profile your top Preformers

Identify the behavioral traits of your top performing sales reps and transform your gut instinct into tangible insights.


Pre-employment Survey

Easily find and interpret what traits are predictive of long-term success in a particular position.


Focus on the Best Talent for the Job

Instantly receive a shortlist of candidates listed in order of best fit. Use test results data and custom generated questions to have more effective and efficient interviews


Hire top talent and generate revenue faster

New hires based off of predictive success indicators are likely to onboard quicker, attain quota faster and stay longer.



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