The top 20% of sellers generate 53.6% of revenues. 

However only 16.3% of organizations said they assess why those top performers are so successful.

What are we measuring and why is it so Important for performance?

Many factors have an impact on job performance?

Aptology breaks down and quantifies why existing sales reps are successful in order to create a data-driven approach that is less likely to be affected by unconscious biases. Many factors impact job performance, and common recruitment, selection and development practices are susceptible to biases that often lead to the wrong decisions to be made.

Our Science

What Does Aptology Measure?

In order to understand why certain attributes affect performance and how to use these attributes to predict the success of a candidate, it is important to measure as many job and company-specific components as possible. Aptology measures 34 unique attributes which capture an individual's:

(1) personality (2) behavioral attributes, and (3) their emotional intelligence.



Personality reflects stable attributes in the face of changing environments, that are likely to be consistent over time. A person’s personality provides a foundation for predicting their behavior in a variety of situations including the workplace. It is important to measure personality in relation to a role in order to ensure that the person is not working in an environment that constantly challenges their natural inclinations, as they may feel uncomfortable and could become demotivated or stressed.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence measures how well someone understands and manages their emotions, how well they interpret and deal with the emotions of others and how they use this knowledge to manage relationships. Emotional Intelligence has been linked to job success for roles requiring frequent interaction with others such as sales and leadership roles.


Behavior is observable and explains how someone’s personality manifests itself - how they conduct themselves, what they say and do and how they say and do it.

Aptology ensures that sales leaders have actionable insights to develop a world class team by closing the gap between top and bottom performers

Why do We Measure the ‘Optimal’ Levels of an Attribute?

The optimal level depends on the requirements of the role which include the context, desired outcomes, company culture and many other factors.


Finding the optimal level for high performance ensures that we capture the “right amount” of any behavioral attribute for a given role. In this example, excessive levels of the factor may indicate a mismatch for the role, so if a person is too risk taking, they may jump into decisions too quickly without carrying out due diligence, resulting in costly mistakes or negative outcomes.  


Insufficient levels of the factor may indicate a mismatch. For example, if a person is not risk taking enough, they may be overly cautious and take too much time to make decisions, thus missing out on opportunities. Aptology’s use of objective data, machine learning and behavioral science ensures the optimal level of a trait for the given role is identified.

Too Low- Insufficient
Too High-
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