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See How Aptology Can Decrease Your Hiring Time and Turnover Rate, While Boosting Your Revenues and Employee Retention.

At Aptology, we help your business compile profiles of the behavioral and personality traits necessary for employees to succeed at a given job. Aptology is the most effective behavioral hiring software that works with the entirety of an employee’s lifecycle at your business - from hiring to promoting. 

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  • Reduce your hiring time with instant candidate matching

  • Organize, coach, and motivate your company’s teams

  • Reduce employee turnover, thus increasing revenues and the ability to reach quotas

  • Bring you world-class assessments used by Fortune 500 executives to the fingertips of your recruiters at a fraction of the cost of traditional assessment companies and consultants

  • Make internal hiring plans easier by proactively identifying which employees have the best chances to grow successfully into larger roles within your company

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Over 20 years of data collection expertise, 143 distinct job profiles to help match ideal candidates with your company’s unique culture and needs.